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Why You Should Get Paid More When Extending Your Travel Nurse Contract

If you are extending at a location, it means that you do not have to travel to a new location and you probably will not have any physicals or compliance tests to stay at the assignment. Here is a breakdown of the expenses that may happen at the beginning of a contract. Of course, these expenses may not happen with every contract. You may only have a TB test, physical, and fit test once a year. Relocation reimbursement: Anywhere from $250-$1000 Total amount to start a new contract: Anywhere from $240 (if no housing or moving fees were paid) to over $1,250! WOW! Remember, that is money coming out of YOUR bill rate. Therefore, if you extend a contract, don’t let that money that was used to cover upfront expenses go missing in your extension. Ask to be compensated that money in the form of a pay raise or bonus. What Do I Do If My Company Refuses to Increase My Pay for an Extension? Knowing all of the information that you now know, you should be well-equipped to negotiate a pay raise into your next contract extension.

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